# For most carnage, play the windows version :)

# Play either normal or hard mode

# Can you survive all 10 levels?

You joined a cult a long time ago

and you don't remember why.

Now the members have decided it's time for the great ritual.

A ritual where only a random person will be granted life.

You are not really too keen on the idea of dying,

but if you tell the other members, they will not take it kindly.

You decide your only option is to find out, which position in the

ritual will save you.

What you know is, they will take turns killing

the next person in a clockwise direction. You also know its

always number 1 who starts. Maybe that's enough to survive?


Mouse to select

Space to continue

C to clear the ground for blood

Made in 48hours

#puzzle #5minutes #gore


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Pretty neat idea. I don't recall seeing a puzzle game that has this sorta idea. It was confusing at first, but I got the hang of it around level 8ish. The only issue I found with it is after the main levels, it sorta glitched out when I picked the wrong one and some were left standing with nothing to do. All in all, it's great, Blyant Games.

Thank you for your comment! We'll make sure to fix the glitch in a future version. Appreciate your feedback :)